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Joseph Clark (Aka. Boney Joe) born in July 1966 to Nelson and Frances Clark was raised in West Deer Twp, Gibsonia PA.  Graduated from Deer Lakes High School in 1985 and began tattooing in the spring of 1987. Initially I began tattooing for myself and a few friends because in my area there weren’t any quality artists available. So I used my lifetime of artistic skills and the little money I had to purchase my first set of tattoo equipment. My first studio was a private, by appointment only studio in the spare room of a house I rented in 1988 on Rt8 in Penn Twp, Butler PA.
In the summer of 1994 I began studying the piercing works of Master Piercer Sebastian from California and soon after began practicing the art of Body Piercing. Over time my clientele grew beyond the small size of my private studio. Early spring of 1996, with the help of a talented and aspiring artist named Mike Arture, we opened Tattoos By Boney Joe on Main Street in Zelienople,  PA. The original studio was formed with the same principal we live by  today, that everyone that comes to our studio deserves a custom design, not a hunk of crap flash that every shop has hanging on a wall. Over the years as our popularity has increased so have the opportunities. Not only has Tattoos by Boney Joe helped launch the careers of several very talented Tattoo and Piercing artists, it has also allowed me to work hand in hand with the local medical community. In 2001 after piercing the friend of a teaching nurse from a Pittsburgh college, she was so impressed with our studio and my personal knowledge of body piercing that she presented the idea that we should team up and take that knowledge directly to the medical community in the form of a seminar on piercing removal and care. At the time so many pierced people were going into hospitals for illnesses and injuries only to find that the medical staff, for the most part, were clueless what to do with the variety of piercings and the problems they presented. Over a two year period the seminar reached many areas of medicine from the first responders of the P.A. EMS association to operating an emergency room personnel of many local hospitals. This included the very large St Francis Health System. The material we created helped to publish several chapters on body piercing in a nursing text book used by nursing students.
So after 14 years in Zelienople and 23 years tattooing I’m very proud to say I look forward to what the next 20 years will bring.
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